Rich: SHISEIDO's word for the full experience of beauty

Shinzo Fukuhara, son of the founder of SHISEIDO, was known for saying "everything must be rich". He wasn't referring to richness as it relates to monetary value, but richness as it impacts the fullness of human experience, and the uncompromising drive for excellence. The richness of true quality. The richness of a brilliantly developed idea. The richness of fully experiencing life, every moment of every day.

SHISEIDO's standards for product quality grew from Shinzo's belief that to help people become as beautiful as they could be, the cosmetics they used had to be as beautiful as possible too.

Richness is present in each product, and this is also the mere substance of our spas' philosophy. Every detail is chosen for the absolute satisfaction of the Client.

In the products, richness is recognizable at every step. The formulas, the textures, the scents, the packaging, everything is meticulously chosen to bring the guest to absolute well-being.

For the Spas, aesthetics and beauty are entwined in a meeting of cultures directly visible in the architecture of each spa. Every spa is created in harmony with its environment, in the respect of every special place in the heart of which it is settled. Nothing can disturb the eye, the sense of touch or the ear. The Client is welcomed in a magical, luxurious cradle, dedicated to their beauty, well-being and serenity, in the respect of omotenashi.