The Beauty of 'Qi'

The beauty of your skin, mind and body lies in the balance of ‘Qi'. A fusion of an Eastern holistic concept and Western beauty massage, «Qi » is a vital energy that runs through the body. Present in the philosophy of the SHISEIDO spas, the exclusive SHISEIDO Qi technique was created in 1986.

‘Qi' concentrates on the meridian flow by stimulating Tsubo pressure points, restoring energy and inducing a deep rhythmical state of relaxation. Combined with the use of SHISEIDO skin care and body products and the unique ‘Oshibori’ Japanese hot towels together with Shiseido's exclusive aroma breathing, you will experience true inner and outer beauty.

Signs of fatigue disappear and you feel truly relaxed. Your skin becomes radiant, supple and full of youthful vitality. Your body feels lighter, posture is realigned and your muscles are eased from tension.