SHISEIDO, a leader in health and beauty solutions for over 140 years…

A pioneer of the 19th century and still unique today, SHISEIDO is the fruit of an alliance between Eastern traditions and philosophies and Western science and technology.
Even if SHISEIDO constantly evolves with the rest of the world, its three main values remain the same since 1872 and are strongly present in the SHISEIDO spas:

Rich - Human science - Omotenashi

Rich means the continual research for beauty and aesthetics.

Human science is focussed on the humanity behind the creation of a product or the ritual of a treatment.

Omotenashi is about the devotion to Clients.

These three values are all present in the philosophy of the SHISEIDO spas. The attention paid to the Clients, the treatments, the decoration and architecture, the devotion of the Beauty Therapists. Everything is here for one thing: the absolute satisfaction of the Client. Everything is done to make them find their path to complete well-being and serenity.