Human Science : A scientific exploration of body, mind, spirit, and beauty.

In our laboratories, research extends far beyond the chemistry of cosmetics and the biology of skin. It incorporates the whole of human perception, and considers our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual response to everything around us.

The core value behind our research is SHISEIDO's theory of homeostasis - the idea that on every level, the nature of human life is to constantly adapt and find balance. In creating new beauty technology, we work with the body's innate ability to heal and balance itself, to give skin the power to maintain its own healthiest state - for life.

The SHISEIDO Qi Massage Method contributes to this research for inner balance.

At the beginning of each treatment, the SHISEIDO Beauty Therapist presents a "Spa senses menu" to Clients, in order to awaken their five senses and prepare them to fall into complete relaxation. The clients choose their very own music, aroma and refreshment for after the treatment, and a personalised program is defined thanks to the diagnosis of the specialist.

For us at SHISEIDO, when we interact with a Client we welcome them into a relationship. As they personally experience SHISEIDO's scientific achievements and aesthetic sensitivities, we embrace them as both an individual, and as a member of Shiseido's constantly evolving community.